Bored Through This EP

by Maiden Mars

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released May 7, 2014

KATE KANE on drums
ALEX SKALLA on vox/guitar

Recorded by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios
Artwork by Cristy C Road



all rights reserved


Maiden Mars Iowa City, Iowa

"Lisa Simpson Meets The Craft"

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Track Name: Meatie Dearest
Are you listening to me?
Well why are you so dumb, just standing there?
Are you missing me?
Well now that my bed is over here

Don't wanna hear your sorries no more,
This shit's not what I asked for
Meat loses its flavor the more you chew
That's why I'm fucking sick of you

Are you thinking of me
And of crawling to me,
I like you on your knees
But would you dare?

So I'm calling you to tell you that I'm done with you,
An then I don't wanna hear your voice anymore
I won't pick up,
Even when I'm drunk
Cuz I'd rather have you dead than parasiting in my head

Are you listening to me
Well now that I'm here you just don't care
Track Name: me myself & my head
standing on my head,
life is so much clearer
nothing to pretend
just me myself and my head

i wanted windows, but they gave me doors
i tried to find it, but they said no more
we wanted windows but they gave us doors
they must have known we've been here before

where am i tonight?
there's no one here and i don't care why
just leave me here on the other side
the view is better when you don't have to try

me myself and my head
down down the rabbit hole
there is no white rabbit
just me myself and my head
Track Name: Hotboxing
i like it when you're riding with me
i like it when you're driving me
oh let's go anywhere
don't bother leaving a note

round and round and round we go
we can take it fast or go real slow
round and round and round we go
it's all ours they don't have to know

and it's ok if you get scared
we don't have to go anywhere
i can still take you far
without getting into my car
Track Name: Get Over You
Getting sick of saying sorry
For the same things
Don't want to wait for you
To get your head on straight
Tired of being taught,
That I'm worth it only if it's worth it to you
Yeah "don't worry baby"
Well, I'm sick of that too
Yeah it's really upsetting
Cuz nothing ever bothers you at all

Don't want to be here anymore
Don't want to drown here with a boy
Get out, I want out, I'm getting over you