The Ultrasounds​/​Maiden Mars Split EP

by Maiden Mars & The Ultrasounds

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The Ultrasounds and Maiden Mars became friends when the Maidens tried to book a show in Winona while on the road back in 2015. Winona happens to be the hometown of The Ultrasounds. And while that show didn't end up coming together, The Ultrasounds decided to reach out to Maiden Mars to set up a show in Iowa City during their tour half a year later. Both bands ended up playing together at Iowa City Yacht Club and bonded instantly over a Ouija board Maiden Mars had brought along to the show. It was love at first fright. They've been hanging out with each others' cats ever since.Maiden Mars and The Ultrasounds release split EP on cassette 4/20


released April 20, 2017

Maiden Mars tracks performed by Alex Skalla on guitar/vox, Katie Rosenberger bass/vox, and Kate Kane drums. Recorded and produced by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios a.k.a. the Rural Recording Resort aka Cat Central.

The Ultrasounds tracks were recorded between a basement practice space in Winona and the rest was tracked live with the full band consisting of Megan Hanson, Todd Hanson, Courtney Guenveur, and Amber Fletcher, in Minneapolis at the home studio of Dan Berndt (Busey, San Dimas, Triple Rock Social Club sound engineer, all around good guy). There were also cats present at both locations during this recording as well.



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Maiden Mars Iowa City, Iowa

"Lisa Simpson Meets The Craft"

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Track Name: Maiden Mars - Five Star Jail
Please tell me why I should even care
If I woke up in my bed, and you weren't there?
Isn't that how it's been all of the time-
Plenty of boy no friend in this paradigm

Now I don't mean to be insulting or unfair
Life is hard, I know but I am not your daycare
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"
So you say, confident in your death row

I was (on) your side
That I will never hide
There's no one left in here but you and the key
To your Five Star jail
Track Name: Maiden Mars - Gurl Insane
I've been high and low all day
Trying to chase my own body
Saw it jump over the fence of sanity

Finally found it in the last room,
With my name on its head,
Cracked a smile as it said,

"I'm Gurl Insane, we are the same"

I've been high and low all day
Trying to chase my own body
Saw it jump over the fence of sanity

I'm gurl insane, we are the same
Now who's to blame?
No other name
Track Name: Maiden Mars - October Song
I'll take my time
Sweetly sublime
Onto a new resolution

I'm not ashamed if you can't relate
Faster, slower, makes no difference to me

In fall, evolve
Quiet resolve
Stop and water
Chances withered

I'm not afraid to sit and wait
Colors appear much more different to me

I will not ripe to reason,
You keep me tame with each season
Track Name: Maiden Mars - Scorpion Rising
I lie in wait for you to realize
That hell's fire comes not from my cunt
But from your lies

In the sun, we are One

You suspect me and with reason
Your father punished with whips,
And I, with scorpions

In the Son, we are One